A guide to what jewellery to wear with which style of wedding dress

So, you’ve finally chosen your perfect dress and we all know just how mind boggling that was, now comes another hard decision – what jewellery should I wear with my dress?

Well, believe it or not different wedding dress necklines and styles suit different items of jewellery……..who knew????

So here is a guide to help you choose, it’s not definitive and of course you’re the bride and can wear what you want but hopefully this will help if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed (again……)

The sweetheart, straight across and semi-sweetheart are the easiest styles to accessorise, anything goes, from a delicate pendant to a statement sparkly choker and sparkly earrings. If your dress is quite simple in style with no beading, then a bracelet will finish the look the perfectly.

A V-neck dress will suit a pendant or ‘Y’ shaped necklace that sits about 2 inches above the point of the ‘V’.

Off the shoulder dresses are like a strapless dress, they show a lot of skin but tend to have a higher neckline, therefore you don’t want a necklace that falls below the top of the dress, so a choker or an elaborate collar would work very well. If you find these a bit restricting, then a princess length necklace (18inches) would suit perfectly.

Halter neck and halter strap dresses don’t really need a necklace, they already decorate the neck area, however if you feel that you really want to wear a necklace, then a delicate pendant is perfect. However they are best suited to a stunning pair of drop earrings and a bracelet.

High neck, Boat neck, Jewel and illusion necklines are better without extra decoration at the neck. Stunning, sparkly drop earrings and bracelet are perfect for these styles.

If you are still unsure on what jewellery to wear with your dress, please feel free to contact me for additional advice.

Thank you